Enhancing School Safety: Transforming Prince George County’s Educational Landscape

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Transforming School Security

At WKM we are proud to have had the opportunity to work with Prince George County on a significant project that aimed to revolutionize safety in their schools. From April 2019 through May 2023, we undertook a transformative contract to upgrade the locks and door hardware in 126 elementary schools and 10 high schools. We talked with Patricia Hawkins our project lead who had this to say, “It was an awarding experience ensuring the county that we take pride in making sure all the hardware is installed effectively. It only takes one situation to put any facility in a lock down mode and with this device the Parents can rest assure that the county is focusing on minimizing any causalities.”

Instant Deadbolt Capabilities: The Power of a Red Button

One of the primary features we introduced in the upgraded school security system is a red button equipped with instant deadbolt capabilities. In the unfortunate event of a lockdown, this mechanism allows staff to rapidly secure classroom doors, minimizing potential threats. The simplicity and speed of this solution ensure that even under high-stress situations, staff can quickly respond, thus safeguarding the lives of students and faculty.

Optimizing Evacuation Procedures: Code-Compliant, Single-Motion Egress

In emergencies, every second counts. With the objective of optimizing evacuation procedures, we implemented code-compliant, single-motion egress systems. These intuitive systems enable safe and swift evacuation with minimal specialized knowledge required.

24/7 Availability and ADA Accessibility

Our commitment to providing comprehensive safety solutions extended to ensuring round-the-clock availability and ADA accessibility. This means that all members of the school community, including students, staff, and visitors with disabilities, can easily navigate and access school buildings at any time. By promoting inclusivity and accessibility, we have created an environment where every individual feels secure and supported.

Elevating Communities in Maryland

Thank you to PGCPS administration for their proactive approach in prioritizing the safety of their children. By recognizing the need for robust security measures, the county has demonstrated its commitment to creating a safe learning environment for its students. The completion of our contract from April 2019 through May 2023 marks a significant milestone in our mission to bring innovative solutions and foster community welfare. Through our collaboration with Prince George County, we have successfully enhanced the safety of 146 schools. Together, we have created safer environments that empower students, staff, and the entire community to thrive.