Supporting Future Stars: Our Commitment to Youth Soccer

Reflecting on the Francis Scott Key Bridge Tragedy
April 9, 2024
DC Hyper

At WKM Solution, we are excited to announce our sponsorship of a local youth soccer team! This partnership reflects our belief in the transformative power of sports to shape lives and futures.

A Personal Connection

The Owners at WKM Solutions have a deep connection to soccer, having arrived in the United States on soccer scholarships. Their passion for the game and dedication to education opened doors to new opportunities and personal growth. The values they learned on the soccer field—teamwork, hard work, and focus—were key to their journey to success.

Why We Support DC Youth Soccer

Teamwork: Soccer teaches the importance of working together towards a common goal. Wilson and Wilton Matos learned that every player’s effort is crucial for the team’s success, a lesson equally important in the business world.

Hard Work: The dedication and effort needed to excel in soccer mirror the perseverance required in life and business.

Focus: The ability to maintain concentration on the field is vital for making quick decisions and achieving goals.

Investing in the Future

By sponsoring a youth soccer team, we are investing in our community’s future. Sports provide kids with invaluable lessons and experiences that go beyond the field, teaching discipline, resilience, and the importance of supporting one another.

Our sponsorship is also a way of giving back. Wilson and Wilton received immense support through their soccer journeys and now aim to provide the same opportunities to the next generation. We hope that through our support, these young athletes will gain the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams. If you like to learn more please visit