Truesdell ES Playground
January 16, 2020
Seaton Elementary School

Playground Replacements
December 23, 2019

Project Details


►Remove and dispose of top 12 - 14 Inches of existing wood chips and sub surface soil. Approximately 375 tons. Install total of 350 linear feet of 4" perforated PVC drain tile consisting of a main drain line running South to North along the East side of the dog park exiting into existing drain structure at Northeast corner of park, with five 4" x 50' laterals running West to East to main Install 10-12" of screened wood chips.
►Install 4" Steel landscape edging at base of fence around perimeter of park to mitigate stone dust migration outside of dog park
►Lower existing chain link fence mesh and hardware if needed to eliminate gaps from between bottom of mesh and ground.