Dunbar High School Gymnasuim
Dunbar High School
November 12, 2021
Barnard School Playground
Various Schools Playground Resurfacings
November 10, 2021

Project Details

Scope of Work

a) Provide all design, preconstruction, cost estimating, bidding and construction services

b) Obtain all permits and approvals necessary to complete project – Allowance $34, 375 to be used for permit fees only (Including but not limited to permit expediting, and copies), and total cost shall not exceed the allowance amount.

c) Provide and install splash pads to include the following:
– Splash pads shall be located in the area designated in Exhibit A- Splash Pad Locations
– System will require a hookup to the city sanitary system and new water service & meter
– Splash Pads shall be stand-alone system
– Mechanical operation shall be a recirculated system, and include water treatment technology that will provide 100% filtration and disinfection to meet DOH requirements
– System shall include easy to understand operation timed scenarios and controls
– Scenarios shall be themed for sight, hearing and touch
– System will allow 10%-20% additional paved areas to capture overspray and a perimeter slot drain to contain all treated water within the system
– System shall include water activators and ground lighting features with consideration of power consumption and environmental factors
– Splash pad system shall include monitoring of water quality

d) Provide Standard Splash Pad Water Play Rules Signs for Parks

e) Provide and install enhanced shade structures and elements. Minimum shade provided by shade structures shall not be less than 1,000 SF, and shade structures shall not be climbable

f) All new landscaping shall include a 2yr warranty and maintenance

g) Protect existing hardscape, landscape and walkways

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