Drew Hall Dorm Room
Howard University Drew and Cook Hall
June 20, 2024
Public Service Commission
March 11, 2024

Project Details

Scope of Work

The project for renovating 16 suites for Guarani FC included plastering, painting, installation of armchairs, flooring, marble work, and joinery. The scope of work involved assessing and preparing surfaces, applying new plaster and multiple coats of high-quality paint, selecting and installing armchairs, and laying various flooring materials. Marble slabs were chosen and installed for countertops and decorative features, while high-quality wood was used for crafting and installing joinery elements like cabinetry and doors. Regular inspections ensured adherence to industry standards, and the project involved weekly progress meetings and updates to the client. Safety measures were strictly followed, and the project concluded with final inspections, touch-ups, and handover of the fully renovated suites, now enhanced for functionality and aesthetic appeal.