On-Call Painting Services and Supplies
February 28, 2018
Winter Ward 6 Facilities Maintenance
February 28, 2018

Project Details


On-Call maintenance and emergency roof repairs at the various project facilities. WKM provides any necessary upkeep and repair of identified roofs and is addressed to identify any roofing problems as directed by DGS. The scope of work includes demolishing and removing existing roof materials and dispose of all waste material, repairs of the following: cracks, blisters, drains, vets, scuppers, gutters, jacks, roof hatches, sleepers, flashing, copings, downspouts, dormers, facia, gravel stops, parapet walls, pitch pockets, and expansion joints. Additional services include roof inspections, leak tests, waterproofing, minor restoration, core testing and moisture surveys. Projects sizes range from 5,000 to 25,000 sq. ft.