2 nd District MPD Renovation
December 22, 2019
Stoddert ES Exterior Improvements
October 3, 2019

Project Details


1. Engage a Geotech engineer to assess site the erosion issue and provide a technical report to remedy the situation.
2. Provide services and record thru as built drawing.
3. Demo and dispose the entire basketball court area and remove the soil up to 12 inches down.
4. Compact soil as per Geotech report.
5. Infill subbase with compacted CR6
6. Furnish and apply 3 inches of base and 2 inches of top layer.
7. Re-paint the basketball lines
8. Remove and reinstall existing basketball pole and basketbbal backboard.
9. Work schedule to be completed in within 3 weeks. 1 week for geotechnical study and 2 weeks for construction execution.
10. Site will be isolated during construction.
11. Permits and inspection not included.