December 22, 2019
December 22, 2019

Project Details


Phase 1- August 30rd to September 4th – Prepare community room to be used as temporary office space. Relocate sergeants to community room.
A- Community Room (Temporary Office Swing Space) A - Reconfigure existing Community Room furniture to create thirty (30) temporary workstations and two (2) printer stations. Add temporary tables as needed.
1. F&I cypher type lock on Community Room doors. Remove at end of construction.
2. 30" x 72" heavy duty white granite plastic folding tables shall be sufficient for each desk
3. install sufficient electrical and voice/data drops to temporarily support the personnel relocated to the community room. In general, this will be (30) duplex electrical drops and (30) single V/D drops, equal to one per temporary work station

Phase 2- September 5thth to October 15th – Basement fully completed.
Relocate sergeants back to their new office space. Relocate Roll call and report writing room staff to their new office spaces.

B- Room 001A – Mail Room (New Segway Storage Room)
(a) Salvage/Re-use & Demolition/Disposal
1. Delete mailbox walls, doors, and mailboxes.
(b) New Installations
1. F&I new 4” wide drywall partitions 8’-0” high. See New Work Plan. NOTE: These walls do not go up to ceiling height and need to be self-supported.
2. Double door frame/door/hardware; Two (2) 3’-0” x 7’-0”.
3. Furnish and install (8) quad electrical receptacles for charging of the Segways, no more than (2) quads on one circuit. MPD PM to provide locations in the field.
4. F&I two (2) new ceiling lights above new room, space lights as required.
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