River Terrace Playground
River Terrace Playground
April 19, 2023
Howard University Plaza Tower Apartment
Howard University Plaza Tower
April 18, 2023

Project Details

Scope of Work

The project entails the renovation of a total of 12 restrooms (6 for men and 6 for women) at the Frederick County Courthouse to comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards. The scope of the work is based on the approved contract drawings and specifications. The renovation work includes modifications and upgrades to the existing restrooms, such as the installation of grab bars, accessible sinks, toilets, and paper towel dispensers, as well as the replacement of flooring, wall finishes, and plumbing fixtures. The aim is to ensure that the restrooms are fully accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities, while also enhancing their overall aesthetic appeal and functionality, as provided by Noelker and Hull Associates, Inc., dated February 21, 2020.