Fredrick Court House Bathroom Renovation
Fredrick Courthouse Bathroom
April 18, 2023
Luke C Moore High School front door
Luke C. Moore HS
April 18, 2023

Project Details

Scope of Work

Paint and Patch 2 coats of paint for the entire hallway walls including door, door trims from P level to 10th floor. Shampoo and remove stain from carpet tile on all corridors from 1st to 10th floor. Color to match existing. Locksmith Furnish and install material necessary to repair any door in need to be in compliance with fire code violation. Carpentry Furnish and replace stain ceiling tiles from P level to 10th floor. Electrical Replace all misleading exit sign throughout the building. Engineers engage a company to assess, troubleshoot to provide a proper report and proposal to repair the non-functional generator inside the mechanical room. Engage a structural engineer to assess and provide a report on all the cracks in the foundation and wall through the garage. Low Voltage Assess the entire building and provide a proposal to repair all the nonfunctional access control. Asbestos Remove and dispose of mold where needed through building. Plumbing Furnish and replace as necessary to make sure that all the plumbing pipes, sump pump are working properly and properly insulated. Mechanical Ensure that all the split system inside IDF rooms thru building are working properly