Riggs Salle Community Center Basketball Court
December 2, 2020
Cleveland Elementary School Playground
November 20, 2020

Project Details


The proposed project will include, but not limited to, the following:

I. The contractor shall be required to drain the pool prior to starting the work and in accordance with any local, state or federal requirements, laws, codes or policies.

II. Perform an assessment of all existing pool piping and drainage infrastructure to determine its compliance with current codes and standards including those outlined by the Department of Health (DOH), DC Water, Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE). Provide a report and recommendation to DGS/DPR.

III. Once the pool has been drained properly, the contractor shall remove all concrete floor & bench, aluminum floor, walls and gutter.

IV. Contractor shall demolish existing concrete deck around pool perimeter at least 5’ feet from pool edge

V. Remove loose stone and unsuitable subbase under existing pool shell.

VI. Demolish all existing piping and plumbing.

VII. Provide acceptable base for new pool shell per industry standards and code requirements.

VIII. Install all new PVC plumbing to accommodate recirculating system and skimmer system.

IX. Form walls and floor to provide pool shape as acceptable to owner. Pool design shall be presented to owner for approval prior to commencing formwork. Pool design shall also be presented to all regulatory and permitting agencies for approval prior to commencing formwork activities.

X. Install rebar and gunite shell per manufacture specifications and industry standards.

XI. Install Bond Kote on entire surface per manufacturer’s installation specifications, new tile, coping and plaster. Apply 3/8-inch thick plaster surface material as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications to the entire pool surface area. The color shall be chosen by the owner from the sample colors that are included in the contractors bid package.

XII. The contract shall take all steps required to prepare new surfacing for water and use including but not limited to misting the shell, acid washing, observing appropriate cure times, testing and balancing, etc.

XIII. Replace pool deck as needed to match existing.

XIV. Fill and test all systems.

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