Roosevelt Pool Entrance
Roosevelt Pool
November 10, 2021
Riggs Salle Community Center Basketball Court
December 2, 2020

Project Details

Scope of Work

a) Design and construct a code-compliant modernization of the 2nd floor – East Wing
b) including: one (1) chemistry classroom with adjoining chemical storage, one (1) biology classroom, one (1) physics classroom, three (3) general lecture classrooms, two (2) multi-user restrooms, corridor, and janitor’s closet.
c) Design and construction shall be in accordance with DCPS Educational Specifications.
d) Remove excess debris, equipment, and furniture.
e) Provide new ceilings and LED lighting.
f) Provide new doors, frames, and hardware. Provide low voltage systems including fire alarm.
g) Verify the operation of the existing HVAC system.
h) Provide sinks in all classrooms: Chemistry (5), Biology Classroom (5), Physics (2), and General Lecture (2).
i) Provide eye wash and a new emergency shower in chemistry and biology classrooms.
j) Provide a natural gas line in the chemistry classroom.
k) Provide a new refrigerator in the chemistry classroom.
l) Provide new SMART boards, marker boards and tack boards.
m) Provide new casework and FFE in accordance with DCPS Ed Specs.
n) Provide roller shades.

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