Whittier Elementary School
Whittier ES Elevator Installation
April 20, 2023
School Without Walls at Francis Stevens Classroom
Banneker Swing Space
April 19, 2023

Project Details

Scope of Work

Remove existing wood flooring materials and install new wood luxury vinyl flooring materials in a total of eleven (11) patient residential pods of the hospital, as shown on the attached drawings. Repair and skim the damaged floor base. Provide and install new 9-inch x 59.72-inch high performance UV-Cured Polyurethane Wood flooring materials with 28 mil (0.7 mm) wear layer thickness and 0.197-inch (5.0 mm) overall thickness. The Scope of Work includes the removal of furniture to facilitate installation of the new flooring materials, and the re-installation of the furniture in the work areas.