St Elizabeth Hallway
St. Elizabeth Hospital Flooring
April 19, 2023
River Terrace Playground Floor Renovation
River Terrace Playground
April 19, 2023

Project Details

Scope of Work

a) The Project goal is to create sufficiently appropriate space for an interim swing space solution for School Without Walls at Francis Stevens ("SWWFS"), a District of Columbia Public School ("DCPS") that serves students in grades Pre-K3 through 8th grade. b) Verify the school’s existing conditions and design for the renovation of selective areas of an existing high school building to accommodate programmatic requirements in accordance with DCPS Ed Specs for elementary and middle school (including Selective Demo/Abatement, HVAC replacements, IAQ Upgrades, Plumbing Fixture replacements, Roof Repairs, Painting, Flooring, Technology Upgrades, Permanent ADA improvements, any required stormwater management, etc.) to be vetted and approved by DGS/DCPS. c) Renovation of select areas of the building to ensure proper operations of critical building systems (Building Envelope, Life safety systems, HVAC, and technology), new finishes including limited updates at the cafeteria, gym, and auditorium , etc. d) The construction will be phased and any work scheduled during the academic year (assume late August through the end of June) shall take place in an occupied building and the construction work shall not have a negative impact on instruction.